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6 La Nueva Yera. Pablo Tomasello_6650.jpg

The essence is to push the limits and achieve  dreams

"La Nueva Yera"9a, La Muela, Las Chilcas, Chile. FOTO/ Pablo Tomasello Rayo



Leo is a true rock lover and climbs because it's what he loves to do. No one pressures him to climb or to perform. The amazing speed with which he has been gaining level, simply responds to the fact that it comes naturally to him to constantly and determinedly seek to be a very good climber. At his young age, he already eloquently manifests his desire to dedicate himself forever to this beautiful discipline. He seems to have found a genuine passion.


His impressive achievements are not by chance. His desire to climb, the incredible development of his physical and technical skills, his focus on finding harder and more beautiful routes, and the effort of wanting to do it better and better, is evidently accompanied by a context that favors the process. The family support and effort to allow Leo to develop as he wants and deserves, has not been minor.


At this point, already a reference climber considering his age, it is inevitable that Leo begins to move towards the professionalization of the activity. Behind Leo's climbing, there is a whole planning carried out together with his family and coach. Thus, the number of days on the rock has been methodically increasing, as well as the number of training sessions in the climbing wall. In addition, the search for projects in different climbing sectors throughout the country, and now also abroad, is something fundamental and very necessary for his development.


In short, Leo's needs as a climber and the consequent economic support of this, have been growing at the same speed with which his achievements have advanced.


It is in this sense that, as Leo's family, and together with him, we have decided to develop strategies to be able to find the funds that allow the development of his maximum potential.


Within the vertiginous internet, and considering the known risks that have, for example, social networks for children, we have chosen the strategy of a web page as possibly the "safest" place to expose to the community in a controlled way Leo's story as a climber and to be able to, through it, seek support from people who believe in him and trust his family and team.


All donations we receive will go exclusively to meet Leo's climbing needs.


We will be happy to announce on this page Leo's experiences and achievements, which will be made possible in part thanks to your support!


From now on, a heartfelt and sincere thank you to all of you!

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